We have had a pretty busy schedule these last couple of weeks and they have been filled with amazing things happening.

First: STATIC HEART is climbing like crazy on our charts and we are incredibly grateful towards everyone who have listened to the track and shared it. Keep it up, all you amazing people!

Second: STATIC HEART has been picked up by WNYR Radio in New York and placed in rotation on their emerging artist list. We are of course very happy about this, and we're looking forward to adding some North American fans to our family. However, YOU CAN HELP us more by sending a request email to this adress: requests@xr-media.com

By doing this you're not just helping us out, you're also spreading the music you love.

Third: We are heading back in for the recording of our second single so we ask you to keep an eye out right here for some more updates as this develops. Thank you all again and keep on listening!


STATIC HEART is beating out of proportion! Head on over to your favourite stream directory and give your speakers a go for their money!


Hi, hey and hello all you fantastic people out there! We are going to make this short; Head on over to the Making Of The New Record - section to follow up on our journey towards the release of our upcoming album! Stay tuned for more news and exiting treats.

22 AUG, Wroclaw, Alive, PL

23 AUG, Krakow, Cemetery Pub, PL

24 AUG, Roznava, Rakwa Music Club, SLK

25 AUG, Moldava, Heaven Hell, SLK

30 AUG, Prague, Klubovna, CLZ

31 AUG, Ostrava, Rock Hill Music Club, CLZ

28 AUG, As, Cihellna, CLZ

1 SEP, Jachymov, Louceni S Letem Festival, CLZ

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