September 18th, 2017

Who likes new music? And who loves the classics? Both yes! And now we would like to comemorate a legend, on this day of his passin 47 years ago. Check out our interpretation of Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child (Slight Return) and give it a like would you? Maybe even a little comment? We love to hear what you guys think.


//Crow Country Outlaw

September 12th, 2017


As of today, our brother and bandmate Adam ''Putte'' Söderqvist has officially left the band. We are all on good terms with his decision to leave and we wish him all the best in the future.

And we would like to welcome our good friend and, as of now our new lead guitarist, Alvaro Guimaraes to Crow Country Outlaw. We know that he is going to fit in perfectly.


//Crow Country Outlaw

August 20th, 2017


We have been selected for some air time on Rock Rage Radio today! Check the link for the show and give them a like! A big THANK YOU to Jenna Wolf on The Wolf Den for having us on her show!



16 DEC, Jönköping, Sofiehof Underjord, (Greybeards + Teaser Sweet), SWE

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