STATIC HEART is beating out of proportion! Head on over to your favourite stream directory and give your speakers a go for their money!


Hi, hey and hello all you fantastic people out there! We are going to make this short; Head on over to the Making Of The New Record - section to follow up on our journey towards the release of our upcoming album! Stay tuned for more news and exiting treats.

30 JUN, Jönköping, The Garden Party Festival, SWE

22 AUG, Wroclaw, Alive, PL

23 AUG, Krakow, Cemetery Pub, PL

24 AUG, Kosice, Bungalow, SLK

25 AUG, Moldava, Heaven Hell, SLK

30 AUG, Klubovna, Prague, CLZ

28 AUG, As, Cihellna, CLZ

1 SEP, Jachymov, Louceni S Letem Festival, CLZ

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