Making of The New Record

Allright! So you've found your way here. Great! So, this is a pretty spot on section of this site: We are going to record our second album and we want you to be a part of the process. We are inviting you into our little creative corner where you'll be able to get an in-depth look on how, why and what we are doing. You'll also find exclusive videos, short demoes of the upcoming songs, photos and diary segments from this whole experience. This is where the magic happens and you're in for one hell of a show!

Okay, so we've started rehearsing the new songs and in about 2 weeks we're starting the recording process for the upcoming album! As you can discern from the pic, we are pretty excited. Adam is going to town on these new tracks! We have a lot of new stuff to share with you and a lot of material to work through so stay tuned for updates.

As promised, here's the first of many videos for the upcoming record! This is just an easy tease for you all: Adam is showing off some mad skills on his DW Cherry Red-kit before rehearsal. Show him your support and grant him a like (and subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on the upcoming shenanigans!).

Friday!! Beer and bad behaviour, right?

We are working through some rough material and in just a couple of days were going to set Adam loose on the drums at Distmaskinen. We are very happy to say that the new songs are coming along nicely and pretty soon we'll share som sneak-peeks with you all. But for now you'll have to make do with a little live video from our show at Sofiehof last winter, when we played with Teaser Sweet and Greybeards! So, let's make some magic and have a Black Mass!

Hi there! Hope that you all are doing great and that you survived the weekend. We just wanted to say that Adam has been bustin' drumsticks like there's nobodies business and we are happy to say that we've got 3 songs on tape! least the drums for 3 songs on tape. But it sounds awesome and we are getting closer towards the release of an upcoming single. So keep your eyes and ears towards this page as we are closing in for the next album!

P.S. If you get the time, then leave a comment on Adams new skin design. Keep tabs on your favourite lads!

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