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September 18th, 2017

Who likes new music? And who loves the classics? Both yes! And now we would like to comemorate a legend, on this day of his passin 47 years ago. Check out our interpretation of Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child (Slight Return) and give it a like would you? Maybe even a little comment? We love to hear what you guys think.


//Crow Country Outlaw

September 12th, 2017


As of today, our brother and bandmate Adam ''Putte'' Söderqvist has officially left the band. We are all on good terms with his decision to leave and we wish him all the best in the future.

And we would like to welcome our good friend and, as of now our new lead guitarist, Alvaro Guimaraes to Crow Country Outlaw. We know that he is going to fit in perfectly.


//Crow Country Outlaw

August 20th, 2017


We have been selected for some air time on Rock Rage Radio today! Check the link for the show and give them a like! A big THANK YOU to Jenna Wolf on The Wolf Den for having us on her show!



August 9th, 2017


Hey everyone! First of we'd like to welcome you to our updated homepage! Thanks again to Jennika for the fantastic photos.


Second; We've finally got our web store up and running! Check it out in this link below or head on over to ''MERCHANDISE'' for a peek and a buy.


Third; We have been selected to play at the Live At Heart Festival in Örebro on september 2nd. It feels fantastic to be one of the 200 acts to play and we are working our asses off to give you all a fantastic show. So head on over to our Facebook page and press that ''ATTENDING''- button!


We are also obliged to say that there are some slight changes occurring in the band at the moment and as a result of this we have had to postpone some of our major undertakings for this year. But as soon as these matters are resolved we'll be back on track and set to soothe your souls with rock 'n' roll.


Until next time, take care!




May 29th, 2017


A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out and shared our lime light-experience at ROQ this saturday! We are so humbled for all the positive feedback. And also a big thank you to Johan and all the other fantastic individuals that has made ROQ feel as home for us.

And last, but definitely not least, a big THANK YOU to Jennika Ojala for the awesome photoshoot yesterday. Looking forward to working with you again!



April 22nd, 2017


Been a little bit quiet around here but there's a reason for that. We have all been working hard on planning this years goals and getting in touch with the right people to do this. It takes time and we are getting things wrapped up as we are writing this. We will keep you updated!

But this is the thing; Now you can read some interesting stuff about us which you can find under the new topic ''INTERVIEWS''. We have gotten some really cool things coming up regarding the Crows for this year so check that out if you want to stay in the loop! Have a great weekend and see you all on the road!




March 21th, 2017


We have started working with BirdRain Agency! BRC will act as our booking agency in countries such as Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. We are really happy about this and we are looking forward to the future!


March 14th, 2017


Nothing new to report here...except for this brand new awesome webpage!!!

Yes, the Crows have taken yet another step deeper into the ''www'' and we are so proud to share this with all of you.

We know that things have been a little quiet on the frontline but rest assured, that is going to change.

This is from now on your MAIN SOURCE of Crow-news and the like. We are still going to make use of our other pages but this is where you will here the word first as they come!

But enough jibber...take your time and check out our features on our website and see if there is anything you like. You can find all of our music and videos here, and for those few curious can also find out more about the band. Have a great day and see you on the road!




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