The Band



Crow Country Outlaw is a hard rock band from Sweden who formed in 2013 in Jonkoping. They are known for their sharp and punkish music with heavy lyrics and intense shows.


Since the start they have shared stages with bands like Grand Theft Culture, Besserbitch and Heavy Tiger. They have been playing numerous shows over Sweden.


The band consists of lead singer/guitarist Sebastian, lead guitarist Alvaro, bassist Mattias and drummer Adam.


Crow Country Outlaw released the EP ''Bag O' Bones'' in 2013. A three-track, self-released presentation which got some stirs on a local scale. The songs ''Bag O' Bones'' and ''Devils Grass Blues'' were swiftly picked up as defining favorites amongst the crowds.

In 2014 they released a full-length album titled ''The Last To Fall..'' under their own label ¬°BAAM! - Productions. It got the band attention from a couple of online radio stations and a couple of magazines in the UK. This generated their first off-shore show in the UK.


In March of 2016 the band went into Hoborec Studio and recorded the live-single called ''Break Through The Wall'', a post-punk anthem which captivated a new stage of development for the band.


Later the same year the band got out on their first long-term tour. Heading down through Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic spreading their music from Warsaw to Chropyne and back.



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